Lanoa performing a high-plank

Welcome to the SELF 2022 Spring Challenge! Over the course of the next four weeks, you’ll lift, lunge, jump, and plank your way through 20 brand-new workouts that will test your strength and build your endurance.

Whether you’re just getting started with exercise or you’ve joined us for some previous challenges, this program is for you. The great part about this strength and cardio challenge is that you’re completely in control of it—you choose the amount of weight you lift, the reps you do, and the rest you take. The range is huge, and it’s completely up to you how you want to take it. We’ll give you tips, guidelines, and advice to help you make these decisions throughout every step of the program.

Many of these routines require nothing more than your bodyweight and an exercise mat, but you do need some dumbbells for your strength-based workouts. We have everything else you need to know to get started right here, including a calendar you can download to track your days and your progress.

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Ready to crush these next four weeks? Let's do this, #TeamSELF!