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Space heater

You Don’t Necessarily Need to Leave Your House to Have a Hot Date Night

Our garage bar invigorated our marriage. For you, maybe it’s the living room floor.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Considering an Open Relationship

A therapist explains how to know if it's right for you.

8 Relationship Green Flags You Should Definitely Pay Attention To

They give you space and stick to their word.

How to Navigate Dating When You’re Immunocompromised

Anyone who shames you for protecting your health isn’t worth your time.

4 Signs of Toxic Jealousy You Should Never Ignore

There’s a difference between caring and controlling.
No we’re talkin’

18 Ways to Get Really, Really Good at Phone Sex

Don’t let a little awkwardness stop you—it can be so, so worth it.
Moment of truth

Your Partner Lied to You. Here’s How to Trust Them Again.

Resist the urge to keep checking their texts.

How to Talk to Someone You’re Newly Dating About Your Bipolar I Diagnosis

Talking about your mental health can be hard, but there are real benefits to being open.
So far, so good

How to Keep Your Long-Distance Relationship Healthy, Happy, and Hot

It does take work, but it can absolutely be worth it.

You Don’t Need ‘Liquid Courage’ to Have Good Sex

Take it from someone who’s sober and more satisfied than ever.

If Being Single Around the Holidays Makes You Feel Super Lonely, You’re So Not Alone

Even if you’re fine with your relationship status during the rest of the year.

3 Things to Do When the Sex Was Really Bad

Sometimes you have to work out some kinks.

Can't Decide If You Should Break Up With Your Partner? Ask Yourself These Questions.

Feeling conflicted or obligated is totally normal.

How to Actually Meet Someone Without Dating Apps

In case they’re sucking your soul.

How to Know if It’s Love—or Just Infatuation

Experts say the signs are anything but subtle.

We Asked People What Makes a Kiss (Really) Good

Butt grabbing and strategic tongue, for two.

Which Dating App Is Right for You?

It depends on why (and where) you’re swiping.

How to Grieve a Breakup

Because it definitely counts as a significant loss.

15 Signs You’re on the Wrong Side of a Rebound Relationship

A recent breakup isn’t necessarily one.

How to Work Around a Language Barrier During Sex

Alexa, translate Portuguese: You’re really sexy.

Is a Relationship With an ‘Avoidant’ Partner Hopeless?

Not necessarily. But it does require some inner work.

17 Relationship Red Flags You Should Pay Attention To

Warning: They’re not all obvious.