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Geena Rocero’s ‘Horse Barbie’ Is Our June SELF Well-Read Book Club Pick

This juicy, poignant memoir reflects on Rocero’s life as a trans pageant queen, model, and activist.

‘‘Love Is Blind’ Is a Very Important American Establishment:’ Kesha on Her Wellness Essentials

The singer also said she is “passionate” about Real Housewives as a form of self-care.

If You’re Traveling Abroad, Here Are the Vaccines You Should Get ASAP

You’re taking a vacation to enjoy yourself, not to risk vomiting, fever, or even a fatal illness.


All the products you need to make your life a little happier, easier, and healthier. 

The Best 4th of July Sales Happening Right Now

We found excellent discounts from Nordstrom, Target, Amazon, and more.

Kelly Clarkson Said She ‘Wouldn’t Have Made It’ Through Her Divorce Without Antidepressants

“I looked at my therapist and I just couldn’t stop sobbing,” she recalled.
The torn identity

3 Things to Do When You Overthink Everything and Can’t Make Decisions

It’s called analysis paralysis, and here’s how you can overcome it.
Strong enough

We Will Survive: The Ultimate Queer Anthems Workout Playlist

Your heart will go “Padam, Padam” for these.
Peace out

How to Stop Worrying About Work on Vacation

Seriously, that email can wait until you’re back.

Gabrielle Union Said Therapy Undid ‘the Constant Need to Be Validated’ for Her Looks

Her sessions also led to a perspective-shifting talk with her dad about race, beauty, and self-worth.

What to Do If Summer Makes You Feel Shitty About Your Body

Practical advice from people who get it.

16 Shoe Deals to Shop at Nordstrom Right Now

Like supersoft slippers, workout-brightening sneakers, and Ugg rain boots in the perfect color.

Kelly Clarkson Says Her Divorce Felt ‘Freeing’ Despite Being ‘Incredibly Sad’

“I never experienced grief like that,” the singer revealed in an Apple Music interview.

Adele Got Real About What Happened to Her After Regularly Wearing Sweaty Spanx

A perpetually steamy crotch led to an uncomfortable skin condition.

It’s Going Down: The Ultimate Kesha Workout Playlist

Run, dance, and scream to her extensive list of hits that basically demand you move to them.

Kesha Talks About How ‘Severe Exhaustion’ Led to Her CVID Diagnosis

For the first time, SELF’s June cover star shares details about her immune system disorder.
Cover story

Kesha Is Setting Herself Free

A decade of litigation. A recent health scare that nearly killed her. Our June cover star is done pretending she’s invincible. 
Growth opportunity

3 Things to Do to Keep Your Houseplants Happy

You’ll never overwater (or underwater) again.

Elliot Page Shared the Exact Moment He Realized He Was Trans

“My body knew, deep down I knew, and something had shifted.”
Let’s get physical

Jane Fonda Shared Her Secret for Having Great Sex as You Get Older

Let’s just say those aerobics workouts are still paying off. 

Bruce Willis’s Daughter Shared the Early Dementia Symptom His Family Missed

“I’ve known that something was wrong for a long time,” Tallulah wrote in an emotional essay.

Sia Feels ‘Fully’ Herself After Learning She’s on the Autism Spectrum

The singer explained how receiving her diagnosis helped her become more at ease in the world.