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Your biggest health condition questions, answered.

How to Deal If Migraine Is Messing With Your Social Life

Having to cancel plans sometimes doesn’t make you a bad friend.

How to Handle Unexpected Migraine Symptoms When They Strike

Having a plan of action in place can make a world of difference.

Condition Spotlight

  • Hidradenitis Suppurativa

    This inflammatory skin condition is often misunderstood.
  • Contraception

    Your birth control options, explained.
  • Heart Failure

    No, it doesn’t mean your heart stops working.
  • Migraine

    Symptoms can look different for everyone.
  • Eczema

    It’s a painfully common skin condition.
  • Crohn’s Disease

    Learn more about this inflammatory bowel disease.

Living With Type 2 Diabetes

How to Talk to Family and Friends About Your Diabetes Diagnosis

Having the right people in your corner can relieve some pressure.

7 Self-Care Tips That Can Ease the Stress of Living With Type 2 Diabetes

Sometimes, that might mean cutting yourself some slack when life feels chaotic.

To Accept My Chronic Condition, I Needed to Grieve the Life That Could Have Been

I gave myself tender permission to stew in the unfairness of it all. And I gave it time.

Medical Advisory Board

Jessica Stern, PhD
Mental Health
Mathew Devine, DO
Infectious Diseases
Coral Olazagasti, MD
Brijen J. Shah, MD, AGAF
Digestive Health
Sevann Helo, MD
Sexual And Reproductive Health
Diane C. Madfes, MD
Skin Health
How a Breast Cancer Surgeon’s Personal Loss Fuels Her Mission
After losing her mother, Yolanda R. Tammaro, MD, became determined to help those diagnosed with breast cancer. Watch as we follow Dr. Tammaro from the ER to the barre while she shares what fuels her to keep working with her patients.



5 People With Psoriasis on How to Self-Advocate at Doctor Appointments

Speak up to your doctor.

7 Ways Black Women Can Advocate for Themselves After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Here’s how to get the care you need and deserve.

People on TikTok Are Talking About How Excruciating IUD Insertion Can Be

Why isn’t it taken more seriously?

The Winding Journey to Finding the Right Vitiligo Treatment

Here’s what you can expect, physically and mentally.

Local Malaria Cases Have Been Confirmed in the US—Should I Be Worried?

The mosquito-borne disease hasn’t been transmitted domestically since 2003.

Swimmer’s Ear Can Be Excruciating—Here Are the Symptoms to Look Out For

Experts say it will only get worse if you try to wait it out.

How to Deal With Excruciatingly Heavy Periods Caused by Uterine Fibroids

Some ways to make them less of a nightmare so you can just...get on with your life.

6 Sneaky Uterine Fibroid Symptoms You Really Shouldn’t Ignore

Heavy periods and cramping outside of your cycle are big signs.

Kerry Washington Shared the Ingredient That ‘Transformed’ Her Eczema-Prone Skin

At 46, the actor’s routine is all about hydration. 

How to Actually Protect Yourself Against Mosquito Bites

In addition to being annoying and itchy, these bloodsuckers can carry some gnarly diseases.

I’m a Grown-Ass Adult—Why Is Chin Acne Still Ruining My Life?

Dermatologists explain those frustrating breakouts—and how to treat them. 

How Even a Little Daily Movement Can Help Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

Your brain will thank you in the present and the future.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, Almost Missed the Screening That Revealed Her Breast Cancer

She was “symptom-free” ahead of her testing and recently underwent a single mastectomy.

These Are the Best Antioxidants to Add to Your Skin Care Routine

Vitamin C is a biggie, but it’s not the only one worth your time and money.

How Listening to My Body Helped Me Come Out

A dermatologist diagnosed me with eczema—but also asked me what was going on internally.

How to Navigate Dating When You’re Immunocompromised

Anyone who shames you for protecting your health isn’t worth your time.

I Thought I Just Got Sicker Than Other People—Until a Blood Test Led to a Life-Changing Diagnosis

I never suspected I might have an immune deficiency disease.

More Frozen Fruit Was Just Recalled, This Time for a Possible Listeria Contamination

If you shop at Whole Foods, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Target, or Aldi, you’re going to want to pay attention.

If You’re Traveling Abroad, Here Are the Vaccines You Should Get ASAP

You’re taking a vacation to enjoy yourself, not to risk vomiting, fever, or even a fatal illness.

Here’s Exactly How Sunscreen Works to Protect Your Skin

What does SPF mean? Is mineral sunblock better? We got the answers.

My Way to Well: Vitiligo

Because living with vitiligo can be a journey. 

What to Know About CVID, a Rare Immune Disorder That’s Often Misdiagnosed

Symptoms can vary widely but often include frequent infections, intense fatigue, and GI issues.

EMDR Therapy Is Getting More Popular. Here’s How It Works

We asked an expert to walk us through the novel trauma treatment.

Naomi Watts Recalled Feeling ‘Alone’ When She Hit Perimenopause in Her 30s

“Somehow everyone’s signed this code of silence, yet everyone’s going there at some point.”
SP-F yeah!

How to Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup Without Making a Goopy Mess

We asked dermatologists for their favorite tips, tricks, and products.

Ticks Are Thriving—And Spreading Illness—More Than Ever. Here’s What to Know

These little bloodsuckers are having the time of their lives right now, so protecting yourself from the diseases they carry is key.

How to Deal If Type 2 Diabetes Is Complicating Your Relationship With Food

You don’t need to break up with all of your favorite meals and snacks.

How to Host a Summer Picnic Without Giving Everyone Food Poisoning

A little prep can go a long way to keep your spread safe in warmer temps.

Why Is My Face So Sweaty—And How Do I Deal?

Here’s how to cope if you pour buckets in the heat.

Shannen Doherty Showed ‘What Cancer Can Look Like’ in an Emotional Instagram

The actor was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, and she recently learned it has spread to her brain.

Here’s the Biggest Reason for Foodborne Illness at Restaurants

Undercooked ingredients aren’t the only thing that can make people really sick.

A Chatbot Replaced Workers at an Eating Disorder Helpline. It Went Horribly Wrong.

Tessa, a program used by the National Eating Disorders Association, gave potentially harmful weight-loss advice.

I’m a Sub-3:45 Marathoner With Crohn’s—Here’s How I Keep Running When Symptoms Strike

For Ali Feller, careful research, precise scheduling, and a little experimentation is key.

Bruce Willis’s Daughter Shared the Early Dementia Symptom His Family Missed

“I’ve known that something was wrong for a long time,” Tallulah wrote in an emotional essay.

6 Ways to Embrace Your Depigmentation, According to People With Vitiligo

“Not focusing on covering the spots, but enhancing what’s already there, has helped a lot.”

How to Find a Dermatologist You Click With

If you have a chronic issue like acne or eczema, you might be seeing A LOT of this person.
TikTok fact-check

What’s Up With Mouth Taping as a Sleep Hack?

People claim it’s helped them stop snoring and drooling—here’s what experts think.

How to Brace Yourself for—And Get Through—A Manic Episode

Making a plan when you’re feeling more like yourself can keep you safer and happier in the long run.