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How to Actually Protect Yourself Against Mosquito Bites

In addition to being annoying and itchy, these bloodsuckers can carry some gnarly diseases.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, Almost Missed the Screening That Revealed Her Breast Cancer

She was “symptom-free” ahead of her testing and recently underwent a single mastectomy.

Ticks Are Thriving—And Spreading Illness—More Than Ever. Here’s What to Know

These little bloodsuckers are having the time of their lives right now, so protecting yourself from the diseases they carry is key.

What to Know About CVID, a Rare Immune Disorder That’s Often Misdiagnosed

Symptoms can vary widely but often include frequent infections, intense fatigue, and GI issues.

Kesha Talks About How ‘Severe Exhaustion’ Led to Her CVID Diagnosis

For the first time, SELF’s June cover star shares details about her immune system disorder.
After-party tricks

3 Things to Do If You Drank Too Much and Feel Like Garbage

Yep, a comforting carb-y meal really can help.

Local Malaria Cases Have Been Confirmed in the US—Should I Be Worried?

The mosquito-borne disease hasn’t been transmitted domestically since 2003.

Swimmer’s Ear Can Be Excruciating—Here Are the Symptoms to Look Out For

Experts say it will only get worse if you try to wait it out.

6 Sneaky Uterine Fibroid Symptoms You Really Shouldn’t Ignore

Heavy periods and cramping outside of your cycle are big signs.

Kelly Clarkson Said She ‘Wouldn’t Have Made It’ Through Her Divorce Without Antidepressants

“I looked at my therapist and I just couldn’t stop sobbing,” she recalled.
The torn identity

3 Things to Do When You Overthink Everything and Can’t Make Decisions

It’s called analysis paralysis, and here’s how you can overcome it.

How Even a Little Daily Movement Can Help Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

Your brain will thank you in the present and the future.
Peace out

How to Stop Worrying About Work on Vacation

Seriously, that email can wait until you’re back.

Gabrielle Union Said Therapy Undid ‘the Constant Need to Be Validated’ for Her Looks

Her sessions also led to a perspective-shifting talk with her dad about race, beauty, and self-worth.

How Listening to My Body Helped Me Come Out

A dermatologist diagnosed me with eczema—but also asked me what was going on internally.

What to Do If Summer Makes You Feel Shitty About Your Body

Practical advice from people who get it.

‘So Scary’: Miranda Cosgrove Detailed Her Experience With Sleep Paralysis

It can cause you to hallucinate and feel like you’re suffocating, which, HELL NO.

If You’re Traveling Abroad, Here Are the Vaccines You Should Get ASAP

You’re taking a vacation to enjoy yourself, not to risk vomiting, fever, or even a fatal illness.

Adele Got Real About What Happened to Her After Regularly Wearing Sweaty Spanx

A perpetually steamy crotch led to an uncomfortable skin condition.

My Way to Well: Vitiligo

Because living with vitiligo can be a journey. 
Cover story

Kesha Is Setting Herself Free

A decade of litigation. A recent health scare that nearly killed her. Our June cover star is done pretending she’s invincible. 

EMDR Therapy Is Getting More Popular. Here’s How It Works

We asked an expert to walk us through the novel trauma treatment.

The Best 4th of July Mattress Sales You Can Shop Right Now

We found comfortable, supportive options, including several SELF Certified mattress brands.