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Kesha Is Setting Herself Free

A decade of litigation. A recent health scare that nearly killed her. Our June cover star is done pretending she’s invincible. 

What to Know About CVID, a Rare Immune Disorder That’s Often Misdiagnosed

Symptoms can vary widely but often include frequent infections, intense fatigue, and GI issues.

EMDR Therapy Is Getting More Popular. Here’s How It Works

We asked an expert to walk us through the novel trauma treatment.

The Best 4th of July Mattress Sales You Can Shop Right Now

We found comfortable, supportive options, including several SELF Certified mattress brands.

Naomi Watts Recalled Feeling ‘Alone’ When She Hit Perimenopause in Her 30s

“Somehow everyone’s signed this code of silence, yet everyone’s going there at some point.”

‘I Thought That Was Normal’: Cara Delevingne on the Anxiety Red Flags She Missed

The model shared more details about her mental health journey at a benefit in New York.

Ticks Are Thriving—And Spreading Illness—More Than Ever. Here’s What to Know

These little bloodsuckers are having the time of their lives right now, so protecting yourself from the diseases they carry is key.

The Most Comfortable, Supportive Insoles for Flat Feet, According to Podiatrists

Easy upgrades to show your arches some love.

How Kaley Cuoco Is Embracing Scars From an Accident That Nearly Took Her Leg

In 2010, the actor suffered a “horrible” fracture that required emergency surgery.

Why Is My Face So Sweaty—And How Do I Deal?

Here’s how to cope if you pour buckets in the heat.

Elliot Page Shared the Exact Moment He Realized He Was Trans

“My body knew, deep down I knew, and something had shifted.”

Here’s the Biggest Reason for Foodborne Illness at Restaurants

Undercooked ingredients aren’t the only thing that can make people really sick.

A Chatbot Replaced Workers at an Eating Disorder Helpline. It Went Horribly Wrong.

Tessa, a program used by the National Eating Disorders Association, gave potentially harmful weight-loss advice.
Holesome fun

How to Have Hot Butt Sex—Without Actually Putting Anything in Your Butt

 You don’t have to go all the way inside to reap the huge pleasures of ass play.

I’m a Sub-3:45 Marathoner With Crohn’s—Here’s How I Keep Running When Symptoms Strike

For Ali Feller, careful research, precise scheduling, and a little experimentation is key.

Bruce Willis’s Daughter Shared the Early Dementia Symptom His Family Missed

“I’ve known that something was wrong for a long time,” Tallulah wrote in an emotional essay.

Sia Feels ‘Fully’ Herself After Learning She’s on the Autism Spectrum

The singer explained how receiving her diagnosis helped her become more at ease in the world.

How to Deal If Migraine Is Messing With Your Social Life

Having to cancel plans sometimes doesn’t make you a bad friend.