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More Frozen Fruit Was Just Recalled, This Time for a Possible Listeria Contamination

If you shop at Whole Foods, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Target, or Aldi, you’re going to want to pay attention.

The Very Best Early Deals From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

We’re already seeing discounts on Hoka, Le Creuset, Casper, and more.

‘So Scary’: Miranda Cosgrove Detailed Her Experience With Sleep Paralysis

It can cause you to hallucinate and feel like you’re suffocating, which, HELL NO.

If You’re Traveling Abroad, Here Are the Vaccines You Should Get ASAP

You’re taking a vacation to enjoy yourself, not to risk vomiting, fever, or even a fatal illness.

Here’s Exactly How Sunscreen Works to Protect Your Skin

What does SPF mean? Is mineral sunblock better? We got the answers.

The Simple Meal Padma Lakshmi Eats When She Just Needs to Relax

If you do a little prep in advance, the dish can be ready in minutes on a busy weeknight.

Adele Got Real About What Happened to Her After Regularly Wearing Sweaty Spanx

A perpetually steamy crotch led to an uncomfortable skin condition.

‘‘Love Is Blind’ Is a Very Important American Establishment:’ Kesha on Her Wellness Essentials

The singer also said she is “passionate” about Real Housewives as a form of self-care.

A Very Honest Review of the New Oatly Plant-Based Cream Cheese

Nondairy substitutes aren't always the most delicious, but we were still eager to see if this one was any good.

It’s Going Down: The Ultimate Kesha Workout Playlist

Run, dance, and scream to her extensive list of hits that basically demand you move to them.

My Way to Well: Vitiligo

Because living with vitiligo can be a journey. 

Kesha Talks About How ‘Severe Exhaustion’ Led to Her CVID Diagnosis

For the first time, SELF’s June cover star shares details about her immune system disorder.

What is Vitiligo?

Learn more about this autoimmune disorder that can result in depigmented areas on the skin, hair, eyelashes, and eyes. Discover what triggers vitiligo, how it’s treated, and why breaking the stigma surrounding the disease is so important.
Cover story

Kesha Is Setting Herself Free

A decade of litigation. A recent health scare that nearly killed her. Our June cover star is done pretending she’s invincible. 

What to Know About CVID, a Rare Immune Disorder That’s Often Misdiagnosed

Symptoms can vary widely but often include frequent infections, intense fatigue, and GI issues.

EMDR Therapy Is Getting More Popular. Here’s How It Works

We asked an expert to walk us through the novel trauma treatment.

The Science Behind Vitiligo, According to a Dermatologist

Watch as Erum Ilyas, MD, breaks down why vitiligo occurs and what causes depigmentation, how it varies from person to person, and how folks with the condition can best care for their skin.

Living With Vitiligo: What It’s Like for 2 Generations

Listen to a conversation with Briya, 24, and Vogue, 13, about their personal experiences with vitiligo. Hear about their challenges—including how they’ve dealt with others’ misperceptions about their condition—as well as how they stay resilient and embrace their skin.

How Food Helped Me Reconnect With Juneteenth

Cooking and eating in community offered an accessible way for me to honor the holiday.

22 Prime Day Kitchen Deals You Can Shop Early

We found discounts on coffee machines, air fryers, and so much more.

The Best 4th of July Mattress Sales You Can Shop Right Now

We found comfortable, supportive options, including several SELF Certified mattress brands.

Geena Rocero’s ‘Horse Barbie’ Is Our June SELF Well-Read Book Club Pick

This juicy, poignant memoir reflects on Rocero’s life as a trans pageant queen, model, and activist.