What I’m doing now

Quick bio

Hello, my name is Alex.

I’m a solo maker and I run naii.io, an independent story production company. I’m a multidisciplinary creator, voice actor, salesman, and quite a restless spirit.

I’m sharing my happy/sad journey as an indie artist and an entrepreneur. It’s been a big exploration of my identity since 2008 - that’s 10+ years - writing helped me a lot.

In 2015, I started a place aimed to become the „freeCodeCamp for writing“. I named it free write camp.

With free write camp I’ve tried many things but it took another two years until I created something that resonated with people.

In winter 2017, I started a 6-months masterclass on story-writing and story-marketing. Three students joined. In 2018, it has grown to six students — exploring their personal identity so they create products and write product stories that are truly them. You can join this year’s masterclass as well.

Join the Story Creation Masterclass featuring the best knowledge I have on writing and marketing stories.

The journey keeps going. No matter how much I re-invent myself, something has been steady throughout the years: I’m best at helping creators write great stories and market them through copywriting and voiceover.

I hope you’ll always change.

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Alex, I’m an actor of English and German voices at stolenvoice. I help product creators increase sales through narrated video stories. So you can focus on improving your best-selling product, create a sustainable business that keeps innovating, and empower future generations of product creators and democracy makers.

I’m also a teacher at free write camp and currently giving my students a summer break from my masterclass in storytelling. You can join the next winter class here. At the camp, I’m the „Professor of Applied Identity Research“ - it’s the official title I defined for myself.

Where am I?

I’m home in Berlin, Germany. The weather here is… affected by the climate change: Hot summers, hefty winds in autumn and mild winters (and only occasional snowfall). Surprise, surprise.

I’m documenting the „now“ status of my life because it’s an anchor that gives me directions or holds me back when I’m about to enter dangerous waters or grounds.

In October 2018, I also returned from 30-days trip to Madagascar where poverty was my main observation. It’s why I concluded that I want to „become extremely rich so I can create (investment) options for myself and opportunities for others.“.

What I’m doing now

Remember: The best time is now.

Voiceover keeps me busy the most. This includes working on my commercial demo reel, creating narrated video stories (NVS) for potential and existing clients, and documenting weekly (and for 90 days even documenting daily) my journey as a voice actor. I’m also running a daily show on voiceover, art and business.

My day job is still there and paying me all the bills and giving me some extra money to save/invest.

Around August/September I’ve established a new standard routine. If nothing else is planned or scheduled, this is my ideal routine that I follow from Monday to Saturday (Sunday is off-day):

Despite my work emphasis on computer time, I deeply enjoying being outside and just playing soccer, footbag (hacky sack), other sports with balls, or simply enjoying my Sunday artist’s date and the leisure time.

My most important places and projects in the web

Personal & commercial

  1. naii.io - my company and central hub in the web, also hosting my new blog
  2. alexanderkluge.org - my personal space
  3. freewritecamp.org - Identity research (of products and people)
  4. freewritecamp.org/air - Institute of Applied Identity Research
  5. freewritecamp.org/masterclass - Story Creation Masterclass
  6. coastery.com - my old blog

Businesses & brands by naii.io (commercial)

  1. stolenvoice.com - narrated video stories to promote indie makers and product creators increase sales - in English with accent and native German

Social media

I’m most active on Instagram @naii.io.

Places I’m also (but less) active:

  1. Twitter @naii
  2. Mastodon @naii@mastodon.social
  3. Telegram @alexanderkluge
  4. LinkedIn /alexanderkluge

In terms of life:

On 11 December 2017, I realized, thank doG, that it’s ok to have hobbies like voiceover that don’t make money immediately but in the long run. I’ve been so much in the money-making mindset that I forgot to make my „art for love, not money“ whilst having a well-paying job or clients paying well.

Around 20 October 2018, I remembered what I knew before (because I wrote it almost a year ago, see above). Adding to what I wrote on 11 Dec 2017:

I realized I want to make voiceover such a part of my life that is for pure artistic expression. Making money with voice-acting has therefore become only a secondary priority. Why? Because when I’m in the creative maker’s mindset, I’m producing stuff without expecting a return. With that attitude I can show-case what I did and if people like it and want it for their project or product, they can contact me. So, in terms of voiceover I work on-request only. Although there are some people I want to create voiceover stuff for, so they can become my clients.

Things I do for the love of doing them:

Health and relationships - in person and online - are still a priority for me but I’m ok just cranking out lots of stuff in order to have a basis for pride as an artist. Relationships and health do suffer a bit but I know that testing my limits is also fine, otherwise I’d be bored AF!

After Madagascar, I started walking 40 minutes in the morning (ideally at 4.40am every Monday-Saturday, when it’s super dark), up the hill which is demanding but feels good in my legs after. Tomorrow is Monday, so another up-hill-leg-muscles morning!

My personal outcomes done by 31 December 2018

All my current life efforts go towards:

  1. Take time off every Sunday to calm down.
  2. Practice voiceover to sound like a native English speaker.
  3. Practice footbag to become really good at it.

I ditched the footbag goal over the course of the years because voiceover takes most of time and priority. Taking Sunday off is still is valid.

Why make revenue and money in the first place (personal perspective)?

I want to make profit with my business because I won’t get a pension when I’m old. So, the profit I’m making I use for savings that become investments. I also realized that making money just for me to have a pension is pretty selfish, which is why after my 1-month research trip to Madagascar I decided to to become extremely rich so I can create (investment and creative) options for myself and opportunities for others. I’m fed up to see poverty in this world, in Africa, Asia, Europe and Germany.

The ideal outcome of my life would be to buy and own Paradise Island, a place for people to find their true core. Making 100k in 2019 is a step closer to 1m and it’s the beginning of my marathon to 500m so I can make Paradise Island my most valuable asset (see future vision below).

Some German words :)

Seit 08.11.2017 baue ich free write camp auf, Identitätserforschung von Personen und Produkten. ID-Forschung ist auch die theoretische Grundlage für mein Tun als Stimmschauspieler, und diese Forschung ist mein erster Schritt Richtung Paradise Island (siehe „future vision“ unten).

In terms of business:

My VO business outcomes done by 1 September 2018

All my current VO business efforts go towards:

  1. by April 1, 2018: Practiced commercial scripts up to the point where a professional VO coach tells me the quality of my delivery is so good that a client would pay for that![ACCOMPLISHED]

  2. by May 1, 2018: Applied for min. 10 auditions a day on pay to play websites (around 25 mins per audition) to get my first real-world VO experiences and money. [FAILED BECAUSE I’M STILL PRODUCING MY COMMERCIAL DEMO REEL]

  3. by September 1, 2018: „Mastered“ (I know mastering is a process) the commercial genre so that I can move on to the next genre. [FAILED]

The future vision

All my business actions are geared towards building Paradise Island, an exotic island and luxury resort where people find their true self, their true nature, their core or what I call their „nucleus“. Ideally, I’m buying and owning the island and then building the resort when I have 500M as my yearly revenue because the investment into the island and resort is going to cost around 50M, and I want this investment to be 10 % of my yearly revenue.

Here comes the funny part now: Paradise Island certainly helps people to find their nucleus but with that space on the island and the time people spend there they should discover that (for the purpose of self and nucleus discovery) it does not need an island or an exotic place (that is by the way also very expensive to go). It only needs a calm place („palm place“ ^^), somewhere (anywhere), the courage to constantly discover the depths of yourself, and the willingness to learn from it — every day!

Therefore, building Paradise Island is also the negation of Paradise Island because it is not necessary to have paradise but people think it is necessary) — I like the contradiction.

So, the people (everyone on the planet, ideally) needs to have experienced Paradise Island for some time (1 to 4 weeks) in order to realize that it is obsolete. I’m building Paradise Island to make it obsolete in the future (when I won’t be alive anymore; generations after me). Paradise Island is a planned obsolescence in its nature. Paradise Island is an unpainted vanitas still-life.

The presence

Coming back to the presence, I’m focussing on voice-acting, saving money through my day job, building up assets through my ventures.

Mantras that accompany me

Mantras, die mich begleiten

Stoic serenity. (Unerschütterliche Gelassenheit)

Humble and patient in being.

Time is ticking (memento mori)

Impatient in execution.

„You don’t grow by the easy.“* + „Divorce yourself from the results.“

My sacred circle of well-being:

walk - talk - write - breathe (o²)

Schreiben - Stimme - Sport + Atmen

All 4 elements make sure I stay healthy and sane. Also, o² has two meanings: Breathing personally, for myself, so I stay grounded and calm (curing myself), and breathing in terms of business, so I have enough oxygen (fuel / Treibstoff) for my business to run and grow.

My ABC+D Priorities:

Achievement without fulfillment won’t make you happy. Deshalb führe ich jeden Tag einen reichen Tag. Er stellt sicher, dass ich meine Ziele erreiche (Achievement) und dabei das Ganzheitliche im Sinn habe (fulfillment): Ruhe (relax & rest), Produktivität (work & action) und Freizeit (leisure & play).

I have 3 beliefs that make me successful at the highest level:

  1. The treasure is out there. Paradise Island
  2. I will find it. Yep
  3. It is going to be worth it. So much!

Start and don’t stop until you reach it. („I’m a closer and a finisher.“)

I know I’m going to repeatedly not get the results I want until I get the results I want.

Showing up every day changes me.

Diligence is the single most important component to creativity and building a business.

This update was 21 October 2018, the update before was on 08 July 2018.

The now update is inspired Derek Sivers.

I’m Alexander Kluge - born 34 years ago. I have no children or a wife but a 10-year old baby named naii.io that will make me a fortune.