What I’m doing now

I’m home in Berlin, Germany. The weather here is… affected by the climate change: Hot summers, hefty winds in autumn and mild winters (and only occasional snowfall). Surprise, surprise.

In September, I traveled Cuba for 3 and half weeks. I lost my credit card on the first day after I had taken out 150 US Dollars. But I survived anyway. I also visited some online friends in Austin, Texas, in person.

On 2 October, I returned home safely from my offline travels and switched gears back to business mode. The first 5–7 days were influenced by a 30-hour return flight jetlag though.

In terms of business:

2017 is coming to an end and I’m trying to hit this year’s revenue goal. At the same time I don’t want to spend more than 8 hours for client work per day. For my 2 clients I spend 5 and 3 hours respectively. In total, I want to work not more than 12 hours on a week day (to stay healthy).

On 12 October, I started working pro bono for a potential clients - one client at a time. I hope to increase his website’s conversion rate and improve the copy so his audience believes the client’s story, trusts him and buys more from him. If I achieve that I want to convince him about the value I can provide for his business so we can talk business and numbers.

I’m currently overlapping from my „old business“ (writing SEO texts and providing hands-on content optimization for German clients) to my new business (copywriting and voice-acting in English and German). It’s an interesting point of transition and I often wonder at which point I will stop offering SEO services and focus on copywriting and voice-acting.

In short, all my current business efforts go towards:

  1. reaching my 2017 revenue goal by 31 December,
  2. winning that new client I started doing pro bono work for and
  3. making sure I communicate to the public that I’m a copywriter and voice actor who is able to a) increase conversation rates for landing pages through stark copy and b) craft stories that people trust applying a convincing voice.

In terms of life:

On 1 August, I stopped using Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp because I disagree how Mark Zuckerberg does business. Also, I don’t want banalities to distract me since I’m already very good at distracting myself. And distraction is a problem because it can make me abandon the pursue of my goals which makes me sad. So, I decided to stop making myself sad and I write about distraction being a disease.

Every day I read „The Daily Stoic“ (the book) and the offline version of my „now“ page that can contain goals (and thoughts) I don’t want to share online. Why? Every time I’m telling my goal (idea or thought) to someone I feel I’m devaluing it. So, I keep bold goals to myself. Instead of speaking out loud I prefer to write about them or only to tell you when they’re done.

Moreover, I’ve been prioritizing health and bonding relations above everything else. So, I’m eating healthy (vegetarian with a bit of fish), doing sports (walking, footbag and trampoline-jumping), learning on my own and in an online community as well as meeting people in person and online.

This update was 25 October 2017.

The now page is inspired by Derek Sivers. Why write down the „now“ status of your life? It’s like an anchor that gives you directions or holds you back when you are about to enter dangerous waters or grounds.

© 2017 I’m Alexander Kluge - born 33 years ago. I have no children or a wife but a 9-year old baby named NAII.