What I’m doing now

Remember: The best time is now.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Alex, an actor of English and German voices at Stolen Voice. I’m also a teacher at free write camp currently giving giving my students a summer break from my masterclass in storytelling. You can join the next class here. „Professor of Applied Identity Research“ is the official title I defined for myself.

Where am I?

I’m home in Berlin, Germany. The weather here is… affected by the climate change: Hot summers, hefty winds in autumn and mild winters (and only occasional snowfall). Surprise, surprise.

I’m documenting the „now“ status of my life because it’s an anchor that gives me directions or holds me back when I’m about to enter dangerous waters or grounds.

What I’m doing now

When I’m not writing actual stories or acting, I invent stories, build things that don’t exist yet, research identities, practice my voiceover skills, travel, talk to interesting people and do sports regularly or teach (as mentioned above). Teaching doesn’t make money so I’m currently doing customer service in the financial sector and performances as a voiceover professional - in English and German.

I also encourage indie makers and promote their ideas, products and side-projects. If a thing does not exist, I invent, write or build it.

Despite my work emphasis on computer time, I deeply enjoying being outside and just playing footbag (hacky sack), soccer or other sports with balls.

My most important places and projects in the web

Personal & commercial

  1. naii.io - my central hub in the web and starting pointing to get to know me, also hosting my new blog
  2. alexanderkluge.org - my personal space
  3. freewritecamp.org - Identity research (of products and people)
  4. freewritecamp.org/air - Institute of Applied Identity Research
  5. freewritecamp.org/masterclass - Story Creation Masterclass
  6. coastery.com - my old blog

Businesses & brands by naii.io (commercial)

  1. stolenvoice.com - English and German native voiceover deliveries for genuine character voices and strong commercial copy reads

Social media

  1. Twitter @naii
  2. WIP.chat @alexanderkluge
  3. Mastodon @naii@mastodon.social
  4. Telegram @alexanderkluge
  5. LinkedIn /alexanderkluge

In terms of life:

I’m prioritizing health and bonding relations - in person and online - above everything else.

On 01 January 2018, I challenged myself to walk 5 kilometers every day of 365 in 2018. It’s not about distance, it’s about being consistent.

On 02 February 2018, I added a 30-minute training on my home-bike every other day because it was time to build up more leg muscles—that I need for a healthy (right) knee.

On 03 March 2018, I changed the home-bike training to 15 minutes every day (with per-minute intervals of intense and relaxed biking) and I started priming 15 minutes every day - instructed by Tony Robbins. A good help to start the day!

On 08 March 2018, I decided to change my workout routine to walking 1.8 kilometers (for around 20 minutes) and 30 minutes on the home bike. Why? Riding the bike serves my goal of healing my knees better (it’s more effective) but I know I need the walk outside every day for my personal well-being but walking 5 km simply costed too much time (around 40 min) compared to 1.8 km.

On 09 May 2018, I got the doctor’s feedback that my knee is fine and that I can do any kind of sport I want and as hard as I want. What a mental relief that was!

After that diagnosis, I’ve changed my workout to trampoline-jumping, home-bike rides and occasional hacky sack sessions outside.

On 11 December, I realized, thank doG, that it’s ok to have hobbies that don’t make money immediately but in the long run. I’ve been so much in the money-making mindset that I forgot to make my „art for love, not money“ whilst having well-paying job.

Things I do for the love of doing them:

My personal outcomes done by 31 December 2018

All my current life efforts go towards:

  1. Take time off every Sunday to calm down.
  2. Practice voiceover to sound like a native English speaker.
  3. Practice footbag to become really good at it.

Why make revenue and money in the first place (personal perspective)?

Warum überhaupt Geld machen?

I want to make profit with my business because I won’t get a pension when I’m old. So, the profit I’m making I use for reinvestments and savings. If you’re like me, having a problem to argue what the point of making money (profit) is, survival when old is a pretty good argument that should convince you. It did convince me. (since 18.10.2017, birthday of JCVD)

Also, I want to make profit with my business because I want to buy and own Paradise Island. Making 100k in 2019 is a step closer to 1m which is the beginning of my hunt for 500m so I can eventually buy and own Paradise Island (see the future vision).

Some German words ;)

Seit 08.11.2017 baue ich free write camp auf, Identitätserforschung von Personen und Produkten. Mein erster Schritt Richtung Paradise Island (siehe Future Vision unten).

In terms of business:

My VO business outcomes done by 1 September 2018

All my current VO business efforts go towards:

  1. by April 1, 2018: Practiced commercial scripts up to the point where a professional VO coach tells me the quality of my delivery is so good that a client would pay for that! [ACCOMPLISHED]

  2. by May 1, 2018: Applied for min. 10 auditions (around 25 mins per audition) a day on pay to play websites to get my first real-world VO experiences and money.[NOT ACCOMPLISHED YET BECAUSE I’M STILL PRODUCING MY COMMERCIAL DEMO REEL]

  3. by September 1, 2018: „Mastered“ (I know mastering is a process) the commercial genre so that I can move on to the next genre.

The future vision

All my business actions are geared towards building Paradise Island, an exotic island and luxury resort where people find their true self, their true nature, their core or what I call their „nucleus“. I’m only buying and owning the island and then building the resort when I have 500M as my yearly revenue because the investment into the island and resort is going to cost around 50M — and I want this investment to be 10% of my revenue.

Here comes the funny part now: Paradise Island certainly helps people to find their nucleus but with that space on the island and the time people spend there, they should discover that (for the purpose of self discovery / nucleus discovery) it does not need an island or exotic place (that is by the way also very expensive to go). It only needs a) a calm place („palm place“ ^^), somewhere (anywhere), b) the courage to constantly discover the depths of yourself and c) learn from it — every day!

Therefore, building Paradise Island is also the negation of Paradise Island because it is not necessary (but people think it is necessary) to have paradise — I like the contradiction. So, the people (everyone on the planet, ideally) needs to have experienced Paradise Island for some time (1 to 4 weeks) in order to realize that it is obsolete. I’m building Paradise Island to make it obsolete in the future (when I won’t be alive anymore; generations after me). Paradise Island is a planned obsolescence — in its nature. Paradise Island is an unpainted vanitas still-life.

The presence

Coming back to the presence, I’m engaged in 3 online communities (with regard to building an audience-driven business, voice acting, accountability to build and ship), so my concentration is on voiceover, business and shipping (tech)

Mantras that accompany me

Mantras, die mich begleiten

Stoic serenity. (Unerschütterliche Gelassenheit)

Humble and patient in being.

Time is ticking (memento mori)

Impatient in execution.

„You don’t grow by the easy.“* + „Divorce yourself from the results.“

My sacred circle of well-being:

walk - talk - write - breathe (o²)

Schreiben - Stimme - Sport + Atmen

All 4 elements make sure I stay healthy and sane. Also, o² has two meanings: Breathing personally, for myself, so I stay grounded and calm (curing myself), and breathing in terms of business, so I have enough oxygen (fuel / Treibstoff) for my business to run and grow.

My ABC Priorities:

Achievement without fulfillment won’t make you happy. Deshalb führe ich jeden Tag einen reichen Tag. Er stellt sicher, dass ich meine Ziele erreiche (Achievement) und dabei das Ganzheitliche im Sinn habe (fulfillment): Ruhe (relax & rest), Produktivität (work & action) und Freizeit (leisure & play).

3 beliefs to be successful at the highest level:

  1. The treasure is out there. Paradise Island
  2. I will find it. Jap
  3. It is going to be worth it. So much

Start and don’t stop until you reach it. („I’m a closer and a finisher.“)

I know I’m going to repeatedly not get the results I want until I get the results I want.

Showing up every day changes you.

Diligence is the single most important component to creativity and building a business.

This update was 08 July 2018 (the update before was on 20 May 2018).

The now update is inspired Derek Sivers.

I’m Alexander Kluge - born 34 years ago. I have no children or a wife but a 10-year old baby named naii.io that will make me a fortune.