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Welcome to the #SELFto5K Challenge!

You’re just six weeks away from your first 5K.

Beginner runners, this is the program you’ve been waiting for to help you get started. With our new #SELFto5K Challenge, you’re just six weeks away from tackling your first 3.1-mile race. Over the next month and a half, you’ll take on workouts that will help you build your endurance, breath, and strength, so when the time comes, you’ll feel prepared to go the distance.

Developed by run coach Knox Robinson, this six-week 5K plan is centered around three weekly aerobic workouts. You’ll begin with walk-jog intervals, which will help you get used to the motion of running, before gradually increasing the difficulty with longer intervals and steady-state runs. Each week, you’ll supplement your running with one strength-training routine and one cross-training day. You’ll also enjoy two rest days each week—and don’t worry, we have you covered with what to do on these non-workout days, too.

This 5K plan takes care of everything—you’ll know exactly what to do every day, so all you have to do is sign up for our #SELFto5K Challenge weekly newsletters (you'll get tips and tricks for every workout and rest day on your schedule), lace up your sneakers, and show up. You’re just six weeks away from crushing your very first 5K, and we’ll be right there with you!


Week 1: Let's Get Started

Remember, easy does it.

Week 2: Begin to Build Your Foundation

Get ready to run!

Week 3: Keep Putting in the Work

Longer-duration runs coming up!

Week 4: Crush Your Sustained Efforts

The intervals are getting longer, but you’ve got this!

Week 5: You’re Getting Close to Goal

Race day is almost here.

Week 6: Prep for the Final Stretch!

5K, coming up.