It’s Going Down: The Ultimate Kesha Workout Playlist

Run, dance, and scream to her extensive list of hits that basically demand you move to them.
Its Going Down The Ultimate Kesha Workout Playlist
Neil Lupin/Getty Images

Kesha’s career spans far and wide: In the nearly 15 years since her first single debuted, her music has included rap, country, electronic, and rock. Listen to an album like 2010’s Animal and her new record, Gag Order, back to back—it’s not that she’s matured, but rather that she refuses to be just one thing. There’s a lot going on inside her head.

To celebrate SELF’s June 2023 cover story, we’ve created the Ultimate Kesha Workout Playlist. It can soundtrack your next gym session, sure, but it’s truly evergreen: Need to take an angry walk? Put it on. Want to dance around your room? It’s great for that too. Want to have a little cry while going hard on the elliptical? She’s got you. There is pretty much a Kesha song for every mood—which is, in part, why her stuff is so damn good.

Weaving through her entire discography, the Ultimate Kesha Workout Playlist starts off with the dark, emotional lead from Gag Order. Then we’ll kick up the tempo, get pretty pumped up (“Till The World Ends” remix, anyone?), and wind back down again with songs that reflect Kesha’s rawest self. Perhaps, while listening, you’ll get a glimpse of yours too.

Full playlist:

  1. “Something To Believe In”
  2. “Tik Tok”
  3. “Your Love Is My Drug”
  4. “Right Round” by Flo Rida feat. Kesha
  5. “Timber” by Pitbull feat. Kesha
  6. “We R Who We R”
  7. “Die Young”
  8. “Blow”
  9. “Take It Off”
  10. “Till The World Ends (the Femme Fatale Remix)” by Britney Spears feat. Nicki Minaj & Kesha
  11. “Only Love Can Save Us Now”
  12. “Woman”
  13. “Learn To Let Go”
  14. “Tonight”
  15. “Living In My Head”
  16. “Spaceship”