Best time is now

Who am I, and what am I doing now?

Hello, my name is Alex. Voiceover keeps me busy the most, especially making my commercial demo reel come true. Sharing is caring. That’s why I’m video-documeting my journey in public: daily and weekly.

Also, I’m building - open, for-free writing education and a community making it fun to learn. As part of, I’m teaching in a story creation masterclass and studying voice-acting when I’m done making money with my day job (that pays the bills and gives me money to save/invest). I’m living a humble life by design.

The journey keeps going. I keep re-inventing myself. But something has been steady throughout the years: I’m best at encouraging people - in person, through writing and with the help of my vocal voice.

However, I hope you’ll always evolve.

Why the /now page?

I’m documenting the „now“ status of my life because it’s an anchor that gives me directions or holds me back when I’m about to enter dangerous waters or grounds.

Where am I?

I’m home in Berlin, Germany. But I’ll leave soon to work and travel - I want to experiment voice-acting on the road.

My most important places and projects in the web

Personal, commercial & brands

  1. - my company and central hub in the web, also hosting my new blog
  2. - my personal space
  3. - Identity research (of products and people)
  4. - Institute of Applied Identity Research
  5. - Story Creation Masterclass
  6. - Commercial voiceover for Indie makers, in English and native German
  7. - my old blog
  8. Social media

    I’m most active on Instagram

    Places I’m also active:

    1. Mastodon
    2. Twitter @naii
    3. Telegram @alexanderkluge
    4. LinkedIn /alexanderkluge

    Future vision

    All my actions are geared towards building Paradise Island, an exotic island and luxury resort where people find their true self, their true nature, their core or what I call their „nucleus“. The first for the island is my book PARADISE,, and identity reaseach

    Here comes the funny part now: Paradise Island certainly helps people to find their nucleus but with that space on the island and the time people spend there they discover that (for the purpose of self-discovery) it does not need an island or an exotic place. It only needs a calm place inside yourself, the courage to constantly discover the depths of yourself, and the willingness to learn from it — every day!

    Making Paradise Island is, therefore, also the negation of Paradise Island just like the man is burnt when Burning Man is over. So, I’m building Paradise Island to make it obsolete in the future. Paradise Island is a planned obsolescence in its nature. Paradise Island is an unpainted vanitas still-life.

    The presence

    Coming back to the presence, I’m focussing on voice-acting, saving money through my day job and building up assets through my ventures.

    Mantras that accompany me

    My 4-sided sacred circle of well-being

    All 4 elements make sure I stay healthy and sane. Also, o² has two meanings: Breathing personally, for myself, so I stay grounded and calm (curing myself), and breathing in terms of business, so I have enough oxygen (fuel) for my projects to run and grow.

    My ABCD Priorities

    Stephen Hawing:

    Work gives you meaning and purposes, and life is empty without it.

    Also, these sayings help me a lot

    Achievement without fulfillment won’t make you happy. A day with of achievement and fulfillment is a rich day, and it has three elements:

    1. Calm: relax & rest
    2. Productivity: work & action
    3. Idleness: leisure & play

    I have 3 beliefs that make me successful at the highest level:

    1. The treasure is out there. Paradise Island
    2. I will find it. Yep
    3. It is going to be worth it. So much!

    My permanent todo list


    Also, I started to avoid talking about business and rather say „endeavors“, „projects“ or „ventures“ because I want to focus on the creation aspect of it, not the money part of it. A thing makes money only when created, not the other way around. Money makes no creation. You make creation.

    This update was 18 November 2018, the update before was on 21 October 2018.

    The now update is inspired Derek Sivers.

    I’m Alexander Kluge, born 35 years ago. No children or a wife but a 10-year old baby that makes me happy :) and a fortune